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What Are Advantage of Thick Exercise Mat & Some Disadvantages?

Why would you need an exercise mat? It does not matter if you are working out alone or with a partner in the gym. The benefits that it can bring will surely be worth your investment. If you want to know more about its advantages, read on and find out how you can enjoy them too.

Exercise mat has different levels of thickness. You need to choose the one that suits you best according to your workout routines and your body condition. In doing so, you can prevent injury as well as improve your performance. If you want to know what are advantage of thick exercise mat, here are some of its top advantages:

Safety First, it is important for a workout to be safe and enjoyable. An exercise mat helps you avoid injuries especially when you do exercises that require jumping, twisting, and turning. This is because the mat reduces the risk of falling since it provides support to the lower back. You also get the balance that you need during your workout routine. This is due to the firm support that the mat provides.

Easy Set Up Another advantage is that it is easy for you to set up. There are no special instructions needed since it comes in a standard size. Thus, there is no need for you to go out and purchase a mat from a specialist.

Moisture Absorption Another advantage of the mat is that it absorbs excess moisture from your skin during your workout. It is made of high quality materials that do not absorb moisture easily. Thus, it prevents the drying out of your skin especially during sweaty sessions. When this happens, it will lessen the risks of developing blisters and cuts. And because it is thick, it can also avoid the slipping of injuries.

Traction Control Another advantage of the mat is its traction control feature. This is ideal for people who do not like to move around on the floor during their workout. The mat is designed with a sticky strip that makes it easier for you to get traction on the floor. This allows you to perform your exercise while moving around the gym freely. This allows you to maximize the workout time.

Sweat Absorption What are the benefits of exercise mats you may ask? Apart from the mentioned advantages, the sweat absorption of the mat is also beneficial. Since it is made of high quality materials, it absorbs sweat and perspiration from your body leaving your skin dry.

Versatility Another benefit of the thick exercise mat is that it is versatile. It can be used in any room in your house where you need to have a place where you can perform your workout. For example, you can place it under your bed or any other flat surface where there is enough space. You can also use it under your desk when you work for long hours at your computer. You can also bring it as a substitute for table when you have guests over.

Durability An exercise mat made of heavy materials like rubber is ideal for durability. Since it is often used in gyms, you can be sure that it will last for many years to come. A typical gym mat can have a life expectancy of up to fifteen years. With this much durability, it means that you can buy a new one every year for the life of your mat.

Availability Exercise mats are easy to find in most sports stores and some department stores. If you are not able to find one in your local stores, they are easily available online. Some websites even offer discounted prices especially if you buy in bulk. In addition, you can easily compare prices online. What are advantage of thick exercise mat?

Other Benefits The benefits listed above are just some of the many advantages of exercise floor mats. However, you can always add more benefits to this simple floor accessory. They are not only helpful during your workout but they can also add comfort to your working out space. If you spend a lot of time in the gym, consider buying a mat that is durable and will make your workout experience more enjoyable.

It is very easy to determine the answer to the question, “What are advantage of thick exercise mat?” Just remember that it is a very useful accessory for your gym workout. Aside from the mentioned features, you can expect it to be long-lasting and would not easily crack or break. So, it is a good investment that you should consider adding to your home gym.

What Are Some Disadvantages Of Thick Exercise Mat?


Exercise mats are very essential while working out. There are many types of exercise mats available in the market today which can be used in almost all types of gyms and fitness centers. The most common types are vinyl mats which are perfect to be used in the home, office, gym or pool. They provide enough cushioning so that the user is comfortable and thus do not get tired soon. They also provide some amount of safety and padding which is important if you want to exercise outside the home.

There are some advantages as well as disadvantages associated with using exercise mats in various places. One of the advantages is that they provide a comfortable surface to exercise on which is important if you have to perform exercises which need a lot of bending and bouncing. This type of mattress will also reduce the chances of sprains, aches and pains.

There is also a disadvantage of thickness. Some people feel that the thicker the workout mat is the more support it will give and thus you will be less likely to slip on it while exercising. A reason for this is that if the thickness is too thick it might not fit very well in your floor. This might result in discomfort for you while exercising. If you are working on the equipment at home then it is advisable to get a smaller size so that it fits properly in the room.

Another problem that exists with some exercise floor mats is the material which is used to make them. There are some yoga mats which are made of high-density foam which provide much comfort and support but they are quite slippery. This means that when you slip on them it can be very difficult for you to get them out without making too much noise. If you are planning to buy a yoga mat which has high-density foam, then it is important that you go for the one which has the anti slip feature so that you will be able to use it without any problem.

One of the biggest disadvantages of thick mats is their cost. They are expensive and if you compare them with the other types of exercise mat which are available then you will find that they are not that affordable. Another disadvantage is that the thickness of vinyl cover can cause discomfort for your feet. You will find that the vinyl cover sometimes causes blisters or skin irritation on your feet. You need to choose the yoga mat which suits your needs and is affordable.

Yoga workouts are quite beneficial and if you want to reap all the benefits then you must perform them in the perfect condition. If your mat has some issues then the quality of the workout will come down. These are some of the disadvantages of these exercise mats which you need to consider before buying them. It is better to go for the best quality yoga mats instead of wasting money on inferior ones. So make sure that you take all the pros and cons into consideration before purchasing these mats.

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