What are the best custom scraper and its use?

What is the greatest technological platform for web scraping right now?

Most of the websites have a large amount of data that provides great value. Stock prices, company contacts, product details, phone numbers, etc. You can access this data with the website format of a website or you can copy and paste it in its format here Web Scraper can help you,

You just need to write the website URL in the software and the software will extract all the data available on the page, if the data goes to the next page, then Scraper will automatically click on the next page and collect the data from the next page and work the same on all the pages.

How to extract data with Web Scraper:

Scraping any website is not an easy process once all websites are designed to be understood by man, not a machine. Just like a human, we open a browser with any URL and when the URL is fully loaded. We can access the website data, similarly,

The URL is provided in the Web Scraper, after loading the URL of the website, it starts reading and extracting data in a structured way. Most of the scrapers will display all data in Excel spreadsheets or CSV forms, there are different types of scrapers available, let’s break them down for simplicity into 3 categories

Custom-designed scraper

With the custom scrapers, you can make your scraper on any website, but you will need tools to create a scraper as well as advanced knowledge of scraping tools. The demand for this knowledge ends up increasing.

Prefabricated scraper

While the pre-built scraper is the scraper that can be downloaded and used immediately. It can be created for a particular website or for collections of websites.

Browser extensions

Browser extensions are easy to use, you just need to add them to the browser and you can extract data from different websites. But it has limited functions which are limited to the browser. As long as you are in the software, you can access advanced pens.

What is the purpose of web scraping?

As we discuss the types of tape scrapers, we should get an idea of ​​the use of scrapers. The web scraper can be used for the following purposes, but you can use it according to your needs and requirements.

  • Extraction of data from business directories to generate leads.
  • Collection of business location data for marketing purposes
  • Extract product and stock prices from e-commerce websites?
  • Data mining for price analysis and financial research etc.
Web Scraper
Any Website Scraper

Best web scraper of 2021

Now, you probably know the basics of web scraping and are wondering which the best web scraper is. It depends on your needs, there are many pre-made scrapers available if they can meet your needs, and so taking these scrapers won’t be a bad idea.

But I will always recommend “Anysite Scraper” because it has all the advanced features and easy-to-understand customizable tools. You will get many free downloadable Pre-built scrapers.

Also, if you want to build your scraper in a few simple steps, you can build your scraper. With Anysite Scraper, you can scrape multiple websites at once. It is quite simple to understand and use.


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