What is SEO? You can learn about that

SEO stands for Seo– so search engine optimization. On the internet marketing professionals taking part in this are attempting to maximize natural website traffic from internet search engines like Google by achieving high settings on essential search terms.

To do this, begin by enhancing your website and creating a pertinent search experience for the individuals of online search engines such as Google.

There are essentially 3 ‘large’ players in the Netherlands when it comes to online search engines. The majority of these are well known:

Google has a market share of about 93% in the Netherlands.

Yahoo, as well as some other smaller-sized search engines, have about 2% market share.

Google is consequently without a doubt the very best known, and also the largest. Certainly, on mobile devices, Google searches by far the most: no less than 95% (resource: Statcounter ).

Distinction SEO as well as SEA

The abbreviations SEO, SEA as well as SEM are usually confused. Logical, due to the fact that they go hand in hand and have many resemblances. Yet there are clear distinctions:

Search Engine Optimization – optimizing websites for internet search engines. This issues just the natural (ie free) search engine result.

Search Engine Advertising – online search engine advertising. This concerns the optimization of the projects that are displayed as a ‘sponsored search results page’. You then promote through Google Ads and Bing Advertisements.

Search Engine M -advertising. This is the umbrella activity of both SEO and SEA.

In other words: you can do 2 points. Promote, or start with enhancing the complimentary, organic search results page.

Advantages of SEO

You enhance the customer experience on your website at the same time

With the appropriate technique, you can benefit from your initiatives for several years to come. Get the seo specialist in Bangladesh

How does an internet search engine work?

A search engine is in fact an answering machine. You ask an inquiry, as well as the equipment returns the most relevant answer. Such a search engine should therefore map out all possible solutions in advance.

Online search engines therefore take care to collect all public content online. For this, they use so-called crawlers. A crawler is a robot that concerns your website and indexes (stores) your pages. In this manner, he “checks out” what your web page is about.

Based on numerous ranking elements, the algorithm eventually figures out which outcomes are most appropriate to the search.

When are you on top?

First off, why would you intend to get on top? Enter the mind of someone that is searching for something on the net. This can be, for example, a service to an issue, or a specific item that he is trying to find.

Today we are so made use of to the benefit of the web that we could specify ourselves similar to this:

We’re lazy: we’re not posting likely to make any type of effort to locate our information in an area that’s more than one click away

We are silly: whatever has to be presented to us, due to the fact that all details is after all so readily available

We pay little focus: we only focus on one point at a time

Simply put: when you begin optimizing for your target team, maintain these 3 qualities in mind.

This is Google’s mission declaration:

We wish to gather the world’s details for everyone and make it obtainable to every person with simply one click. In doing so, we provide the customer a qualitative experience, with a relevant solution.

Maybe an open door, but you have to matter. You end up being relevant if you provide special content and offer the individual a qualitative experience.

In addition, search engines today go much further than simply web content in the form of messages. 

Internet search engines return a lot more outcomes. Consider:

You can for that reason maximize material yourself for this kind of search, in order to inevitably achieve even more website traffic, and also ideally much more conversions.

Practical instances.

With SEO you are able to recognize more organic visitors. Ultimately, you intend to attain your crucial objectives with this. Typically these are enhancing brand recognition, realizing leads, or real deals.

You will quickly see 2 examples of successful situations. After that it is excellent to first comprehend when exactly you are successful with SEO. What are your goals?

Success factors.

When are you successful with SEO? Often that is challenging to assess. Usually, you gauge the following KPIs:.

Exposure in the search engines (%).

Variety of visitors involving your website from search engines– ie, the organic web traffic.

A number of conversions originating from natural website traffic.

Ultimately, as an SEO specialist, you likewise consider underlying metrics. This provides you the suggestion that your efforts are actually having an effect. Those metrics include:.

A number of backlinks: that is, various other pages linking to your page.

Domain Name & Page Authority: The authority scores of the domain, one of the page.

Count on streams.

Organic placements in the search results.

We’ll return to the exact definition of these terms later, and also why it is essential to score well on them.

Effective SEO instances.

Substantial, comprehensive keyword research was first accomplished for the Nikoi webshop. After the first SEO analysis, we quickly started revising the existing texts, as well as we composed added messages for the site. We likewise searched for which main aspects influence the online findability of the webshop.

In combination with some technical optimizations, we have actually achieved 10% even more natural traffic from searches and also 45%, even more, turn over within six months, within the opportunities of the site.

124% development in organic orders for has grown into one of the largest Dutch webshops in lighting. A great deal has actually been invested, especially in the area of authority.

Thanks to link structure, there are several sites that refer to An essential indication for Google to see this webshop as an authority, and therefore to offer it a higher setting.

Ultimately, 275% even more inbound links were realized, as well as 205% development in the variety of natural site visitors.

Ranking Factors.

There are plenty of various opportunities to reinforce your setting in the internet search engine. In principle, we can split all these factors right into 3 classifications:.

The material on your site;.

The authority that your domain and also your page have gotten, according to the search engine. web content, technology, online search engine authority.

Method. The method is primarily regarding two things:.

Does your website provide a great user experience for the customer– generally determined by rate?

Is it possible for search engines to scan and also index the material on your website? The good news is, increasingly more frequently, if it is a clear story for the customer, that is also the situation for the internet search engine.

web content.

Obviously, your web page will reveal for a certain search term, if the web content you carry on that page is relevant.

Online search engines are obviously the very first to check out the search terms that have been gotten in. Thankfully, they are additionally improving at acknowledging synonyms as well as various other mixes of inquiries and also sentences. The method in which you take care of those search phrases (the supposed ‘semiotics’) is also crucial for Google’s formula.


As soon as your website carries out well practically, and your content matches the searches of the user, the inquiry is whether you truly respond to the search. Google checks out different information regarding your site for this. For example, are you often stated by other, pertinent web pages, through a link to your page? Then the algorithm identifies that as a sort of ‘authority point’. Social signals, such as shares and interactions on social media, also show that you have top-quality content and also, therefore, count in the ranking elements.

In the next section, the technique, we’ll take a better look at the optimization steps you require to make in these areas.

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