What is the purpose behind merging and splitting pdf file?

What is PDF?

PDF is an acronym for Portable Document Format. PDF is a file format developed by Adobe. PDFs are formats that can be accessed and modified by any PDF reader. Adobe has developed their own pdf reader known as Adobe Acrobat.

Any file type can be converted into pdf files. They are secure, easily portable and manageable.

What is Merging?

Merge literal meaning Is to unify two or more things.  In computer science language, merge is to take two or more clusters of data and group them into one joined set.

What is Splitting?

Split literal meaning is to slice things. In computer science splitting is the process of taking a piece of data and distributing the data into two or more segments. Online pdf cutter is one of the best tool to split the pdf pages for getting useful pages from them.

Why converting other file formats into pdf files?

Faultless handling

The PDF file format is perfect for sharing and handling documents. It has various advantages, like pass protection, viewer mode only, maintains the exact resolution of images etc.


it takes less space and can hold kilos of data in one single file without any distortion and disturbance in the original formatting


It can be easily shared among peers. PDF documents are easy to send and receive. 


Anyone who has a pdf reader can view the documents, edit them and re-share them. There’s no need to have a heap of other software in your system.

Ease of use

PDF files give us the power to select the particular viewer of our document. It’s secure and helps us to make the document available for view-only to avoid any unwanted edition in the document. And to whom we want them to make amendments, we can send documents in enable-editing mode.

Purpose of Merging PDF files?

Say no to BULK

If there’s a need to send multiple PDFs to one recipient; sending so many PDFs separately can be annoying. The recipient has to download or open and read every PDF individually. This can be burdensome for them. Scanning all the documents individually, saving them separately and sharing them one by one is tiresome. 

Merge and share

If there’s a same type of files that need to be shared, then uploading and sharing them separately might be cumbersome. PDF gives us the ease of merging files of same or relevant data.

Add more

By merge pdf files together, more pages are added in one single, same file. 


Purpose of Splitting PDF files?

Split it

When we merge PDF files in only one document, there’s a need of extracting different pages or portion of that document. When we split a PDF file, it disunites the file into two or more files depending on our requirement. 

Makes it easier

Merging PDF can save space, and splitting it, tranquil us. We can send by squeezing the document and extract them by pulling it apart.


PDF gives us the opportunity of extracting any specific page, part, range of pages, or anything from the middle. 

Just a click away

We just need to select and extract and VOILA! The document is cutting into slices, can save in its native formats and can be re-use accordingly.

How to extract pages from a PDF document?

  • Open the PDF in any PDF reader, preferably Acrobat Reader
  • Select Tools > 
  • Click Organize Pages
  • In the drop-down menu, choose Extract
  • Specify the particular page or give the range of pages that needs to extract

How to merge pages in a PDF document?

  • Open any pdf reader, preferably Acrobat DC to merge files
  • Click the Tools tab and click on Combine files
  • Choose Add Files and choose the files you want to incorporate in your single PDF. 
  • Press Save it and it has done!


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