What Jobs Can You Get With Child Care Courses In Perth?

Over the last few years, the childcare industry has become one of the largest employing sectors in Australia. Which, in turn, has increased the popularity of child care training courses among local as well as international students. These courses are vocational courses, successful completion of which will help you find a wide range of employment opportunities. Responsibilities, educational requirements, and salary levels are different for each job. In this blog, we have listed some most common job positions.

Early childhood teacher (ECT) 

If you want to become an ECT or an early childhood teacher, you must have a valid childhood teaching qualification. Usually, an ECT is required to work directly with children. Studying in a kindergarten or preschool to plan and execute various early childhood programs. All centre-based early childhood services recruit ECTs.

Early childhood educator (ECE)

Though the term ‘early childhood educator’ sounds pretty similar to ECT, there are differences between the two roles. When you become an ECE with a qualification in early childhood education and care. You will have to play your part in analysing the developmental needs of children. Drafting plans that will fulfil those needs and teaching them new things. You will also be responsible for creating various activities to help children grow intellectually and socially.
While the job of an early childhood teacher involves working mostly with kindergarten and preschool-aged children, an early childhood educator needs to work with preschool children as well as infants and toddlers. As an ECE, you can choose to work in a range of workplaces like child care centres, preschools, kindergartens, and primary school classrooms.

Educational leader

From the name, you can understand that the role of an early childhood education leader is to lead the building and implementation of an education program within a childcare centre or a school setting. Unlike the previous two job roles, educational leaders are selected not based on their qualifications but experiences and leadership qualities.
As an educational leader, you will have to provide the necessary guidance and support to develop and implement top-quality programs to contribute to the children’s holistic learning and development.

Childcare worker

Though the term ‘childcare worker’ is a broader one, it usually refers to daycare workers, and their job is to provide care for a group of children in a family daycare or childcare centre. The responsibilities of a daycare worker include:

  • Monitoring children’s behaviour and ensuring their safety
  • Teaching social skills to children
  • Carrying out pre-kindergarten readiness instruction

Moreover, if you take care of infants, you will also need to change their nappies regularly. Daycare jobs have always had a high demand in the Australian market.

Childcare centre manager

Child care courses in Perth aim to provide adequate workers to the industry, and one of these workers is recruited as managers of childcare centres. As a manager, one has to look after the operational procedures of the facility and ensure the safety of the children.

  • One of their key responsibilities is to supervise early childhood educators and day-care workers to ensure that the children are properly cared for and comply with health and safety standards.
  • They may also play a key role in drafting and implementing the educational program in the childcare centre aimed at the holistic development of children. The role of a centre manager is also a leadership role, and therefore, experience is considered a vital factor in recruitment. For example, you may start your career as a day-care worker, and after working for 5-10 years, you may become a manager.

Office administrator

In addition to a manager, a childcare centre administration also needs office administrators to handle all paperwork associated with managing the business. The roles and responsibilities of an office administrator may vary but usually includes:

  • Enrolling children in the facility.
  • Communicating with parents to make sure the children’s needs are met.
  • Developing good policies to ensure a smooth operation.

Attending the best school in Perth to complete your course will help you acquire the necessary expertise.

Out of school hours (OOSH) assistant

An out of school hours assistant has to take care of children before and after school hours. OOSH assistants are usually recruited by a high school or a primary school. Specific responsibilities include taking care of the children and giving them tasks to complete and games to play.

Teacher’s aide

As the name suggests, the job of a teacher’s aide is to assist teachers by helping in preparing teaching materials and supervising students in primary schools, preschools, or high schools.

Au pair

An au pair generally stays with a family and looks after the children. The responsibilities of an au pair are as follows.

  • They have to fulfil the basic needs of a child and may also have to teach them.
  • In some houses, the roles of an au pair also involve cleaning and cooking duties.

Based on the employer’s requirements, the work hours may vary, and in return for it, they receive accommodation, food, and a small salary.
The valuable part of this role is that it will help you explore other parts of the world. If you have good talents and experience, you can easily find work in other countries.


Typically, the role of a babysitter is to provide care to the children only when their guardians or parents are away. As a professional, you have to ensure the children receive proper care and timely food.


Compared to a babysitter and an au pair, a nanny has to be more qualified and experienced as they play a significant role in the children’s early years. As they work for longer hours, the remuneration scale is also typically large. There has always been a high demand for skilled nannies, and a qualified professional may find a job anywhere in the world.


Besides domestic students, there are also top vocational colleges in Australia for international students. If you are an international student and want to build your career in the Australian childcare industry. You must first check the college website to find the specific requirements. Meet them, and make your dream a reality.

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