What Tenants Need to Know About Rental Applications

The rental application form is like any job application to tell you the truth. Only a little information about yourself or the last places you have rented is not enough at all. Additionally, like all application procedures, the rental application also needs a lot of paper documents to be submitted. 

A better understanding of the rental information, your personal and financial, and all other documentation will save you time and save you from headaches during applying. Undoubtedly, there are a few things that the tenants and landlords need to be aware of during the rental application process. And that is why we are here to let you know those important things you need to keep in mind. 

Tenants For Applying The Rental Application

The tenants need to go through the following procedures to rent an apartment. Similarly, the landlords also need to be sure before renting the apartment. Certainly, the rental application does follow the below-mentioned process: 

  • Personal Information: 

First and foremost, the tenants need to provide his or her personal information in the usual rental application form. In addition, if the tenant will share the apartment, the roommate must be present while applying. 

Furthermore, the landlord may ask you to mention your name, email id, address, photo ID, phone number(s), employment details, etc., as personal information. In this case, landlords will verify personal information in case of fraud. 

  • Credit Card Checking: 

Apart from verifying personal information, credit card checking is also done while the rental procedure continues. The credit card checking has been done to understand whether the tenant is responsible and reliable enough to give the apartment rent. Additionally, credit card information will be checked to understand whether the tenant can pay the rent. Finally, the landlord may use the spark rental to collect the rent. 

  • Background Check: 

While applying for the rental application, you need to go through background information checking. The background is checked to know whether the tenant has any history or criminal records or not. 

  • Income And Employment Information: 

The information regarding income and employment is thoroughly checked in the rental application process. And this is done to understand two things- 

  1. Whether the applicant has enough monthly income to bear the rent and 
  2. Whether the tenant’s source of income is dependable and steady and unlikely to change or not. 

Besides, during the procedure, the tenants need to inform all income sources, and it is advisable not to hide anything while applying for the rental application. 

  • Previous Residence History: 

The rental application form does take an account the previous residence history of the tenants. Besides, this procedure is taken for understanding the tenant better. But, unfortunately, many people consider that history does not count. Well, this is not the case. While screening the tenant is concerned, checking the past residential history does matter to understand the tenant who the landlord will rent the apartment. Moreover, as a tenant, you need to mention the cause of moving into the new apartment in the application form.

  • Recommendations: 

A letter of recommendation from your previous housing community will create a good impression on the new landlord. Furthermore, a recommendation will very likely help you get the apartment without hassles. 

  • Social Security Number:

Well, you should not give this number to anyone. But, when it comes to getting an apartment, you should provide the social security number to the potential landlord. Then, he can check all your information regarding bank statements, credit scores, records, etc. 

  • Vehicle Information: 

When you are supposed to move on to some other apartment, you should have the information regarding vehicles. Additionally, your landlord needs your registered vehicle information before you move on. Apart from that, your new apartment may not have enough space for vehicles, so the landlords ensure whether approved cars or vehicles are placed or not. 

  • Pet Informations: 

Apart from vehicles, you need to be aware of pet information if you have any pet of yours. Check whether the housing complex does allow pet/s at all or not. And this makes the whole procedure easier, and you get the most information regarding your new apartment. 

So these are all, and this information will be verified, and you need to be aware of it before you fill-up the rental application form. 


To conclude, these days, the rent or lease of the apartment has become easier with the spark rental as it will help the landlord get the rent within time, and if your lease needs to be extended, it can be done through the spark rental. 

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