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What Are the Benefits of Tile Sealing?

It’s crucial to consider whether you need to seal new tiles and grout and which product to use when doing so. Sealing tiles and grout lowers porosity and protects the tile surface, making it more resistant to dirt, spills, stains, and damage. Tiles Sealing  and grout will extend their life, improve their appearance, and make them easier to clean. Grout is porous by nature and will quickly discolor; as a result, all grout must be seal when it has fully dry. Not all tiles, however, must be sealed; check the table below for further information.

Which Tiles Need To Be Sealed?

To be protect, all natural stone tiles should be sealed.

Following the grouting process, terracotta and quarry stone must be sealed.

Both before and after grouting, we recommend tiles sealing polish porcelain. If the porcelain says it has a “nano seal,” it won’t need to be seal when it’s install. However, a coat of sealer can be place after grouting to ensure that the tiles and grout completely repel water and oil, as well as keep them looking clean for longer. Any glazed tiles or good quality unpolished porcelain tiles do not need to be seal; however, we recommend using a grout protector to protect the grout and make continuing maintenance easier. If you’re not sure if your tiles need to be seal, ask local tile store.

 Sealing Tiles: The Basics

  •  About the Tile Fix Direct tile sealing guidance page, you may get more thorough information on sealing terracotta, slate, limestone, and sandstone.
  •  Prior to sealing, thoroughly clean the entire tiled surface.
  •  Apply the sealant’s initial coat (if required).
  • Grout the tiles and allow for sufficient cure time (see the manufacturer’s recommendations for how long to leave the grout on the tiles).
  • Allow to dry before applying the final coat of sealant.
  • Depending on the material that needs to be sealed, you’ll require a different kind of tile sealant. Because certain tiles have a higher absorbency rate than others, the amount require will fluctuate based on the type of surface being sealed as well as the size of the surface.


It’s critical to use the correct type of tile sealant for the type of tile being install, as using the incorrect sealant could permanently damage the tile. Please call us at 0433 420 900 if you have any questions. Please visit our website Total Steam Cleaning that will help you seal tiles.

Is it necessary to reapply sealant on a regular basis?

Most porous tiles, on average, will require a full clean and sealant reapplication once a year; however, this varies by sealant maker. Some manufacturers recommend resealing every six months. After you’ve use our services, we might phone or text you to remind you to have your tiles assessed or service on a regular basis.

How do I know when it’s time to reseal the tiles?

In these busy modern times, it’s easy to lose sight of time, and tile cleaning and resealing can be the last thing on a property owner’s mind. If your sealant shows no symptoms of flaking, discoloration, or lifting, the best approach to test it is with a simple water test. Bring a glass of water to your tile and use your finger to drip some over the tile’s surface. If the water quickly absorbs into the tile rather than beading on the surface, it’s time for a pressure clean and reseal.

The advantages of professional tile sealing and cleaning

Many people who attempt to clean and seal their own tiles discover that the task is more difficult than they imagine once they begin. Cleaning grout can be particularly difficult if there has been a long period of time between deep cleanings and resealing treatments. Resulting in uneven coloration and dark streaks in lighter-color grout. Although you can clean your tiles and grout with a stiff brush, a bucket of cleaning solution.  A hose you may find that your tiles and grout would benefit from a professional clean in between and before resealing applications.

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