When is the Right Time to consult a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

You have a myriad of reasons to worry about your on-job injury, which rendered you unemployed. There might be increasing pressure from creditors asking you to clear your dues. Moreover, you may never return to your old workplace because of the injury.

And when you do, how will you pay all the dues and bills? Unfortunately, this situation is pretty common among many people out there. But there is a solution to put an end to all your miseries. Hiring a professional workers’ compensation attorney is the best way to address for all your problems.

If your injuries are not work-related and require comprehensive medical treatment, you should always opt for a Workers Compensation Oakland CA attorney. Let’s take a glance at the situations where you may or may not need a workers’ compensation attorney.

Overview of the Role of Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Note that not every injured worker will need to opt for an attorney. The workers’ compensation system is an administrative process designed to be simple for workers to navigate. If you have a simple claim not disputed by your employer, you can easily settle things.

But unfortunately, in a majority of cases, the claim process isn’t that simple. Many employees will benefit by hiring a workers’ compensation attorney. Here is the list of roles a workers’ compensation attorney fulfills.

  • A workers’ compensation lawyer can reignite your claim after denial
  • You would be able to negotiate properly with the insurance company in the presence of a workers’ compensation attorney
  • A workers’ compensation lawyer will present your case strongly in the court
  • With a workers’ compensation attorney, you would be able to deal with legal issues properly

When hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney is not ideal?

If you suffer a minor injury at your workplace that can completely heal with treatment, you won’t need a lawyer. Here is the list of claims that insurance companies aren’t likely to contest.

  • You do not require comprehensive treatment
  • You are involved in work-related injuries
  • Your injuries don’t involve extended periods of leave
  • Doesn’t result in permanent injuries

What are the situations where you need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

In case you are in dispute with your insurance company, consider hiring a workers’ compensation attorney.

But note that you have to collect evidence so that the lawyer can represent your case in court. In most cases, the attorneys would collect all the evidence. Here are some situations where you will need the services of a Workers Compensation Oakland CA attorney.

  • There is no guarantee that you will get your claim
  • There is a dispute in your permanent disability rating
  • You have a preexisting medical condition
  • You are apprehensive of returning to your old workplace
  • You are facing issues in availing of proper treatment procedures

No doubt, hiring a workers’ compensation attorney is the best way to address all your issues. At the law offices of James E. Latimer and Associates, you would be able to consult with experienced and professional workers’ compensation attorneys.

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