Where can I find and scrape the US doctor’s data?

How to extract the doctor’s phone numbers from 2FL?  

2findlocal is a great website for finding doctors, hospitals, and clinics in the US, it’s a great website for finding local businesses large and small in any area. It allows you to find the name, phone numbers, and addresses, zip codes of clinics, doctors, and hospitals. Data Scraping Software

But the question here is why are we mining the data when we can find the website data? There are 3 reasons below.


Lead generation is the number one reason for removing the physician list. Suppose you are a marketing agency and your target market is the medical industry. You can build a list of your target audience within minutes.

Brand awareness

Let’s say if you have a pharmaceutical company and your target audience is hospitals, doctors and clinics, and other specialists like dentists, surgeons, then you can scrape the lists of your target audience and talk to them about your business and your products.

Competition analysis

Suppose you run any clinic or hospital, here you can pull data from your competition and observe social media strategy, city business plan if you are a doctor yourself. You can collect data from other doctors who are your competitors and observe customer reviews on their websites and set policy accordingly.

Now let’s see how to Extract Data From 2FindLocal and how to create a list of doctors or hospitals.

How to scrape a list of doctors:

Suppose we are going to extract the list of contact numbers for doctors in the city of Brooklyn, New York, United States.

Make sure to download and install “United Lead Scraper” now, we will use United Lead Scraper to extract the doctor list from the 2FL website.

Open “United Lead Scraper” and you will see a desktop panel, where many Scrapers are already available. You can use this scraper according to your needs.

Data Scraping Software
2findlocal Scraper

Search for 2findlocal in the search bar of Paid Website Scraper and click on Run Extractor, a new window will open.

In the new window, you can put any keyword “Doctors, clinics, hospitals” and set the location on the 2Findlocal website.

Now that all the data has been extracted and ready to download. Click on the Save button on the top left, this will allow you to save it as Excel or SCV.

United Lead Scraper

There are several Data Scraping Software on the market for extracting data from, but you must pick intelligently. If you’re searching for a desktop tool that will extract data quickly and efficiently, 2Findlocal Leads Grabber is the way to go. 2Findlocal Web Crawler may scrape information such as Business Name, Phone Number, and Address, among other things.

Now you can save the data as an excel spreadsheet and other formats, this is an example. In the same way, you can scrape the traces of any professional like engineers, lawyers, accountants, dentists, plumbers, etc. “United Lead Scraper” is the most powerful tool, since you can scrape data from almost any website.


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