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Where to Look for Studio Apartment Right Now in Qatar

A studio apartment is perfect for anyone who isn’t looking for too much space, and luckily, there are several studios for rent in Qatar that are varied in shape and size, and of course, price. The main benefit of living in a studio is price, and as well, maintenance and upkeep. Read on for the best areas for studios at the moment.

While on the pricier side, the studio’s apartments for rent at the Pearl are some of the most sought-after homes in Qatar, as they will put you in the center of the island for a much lower price than that of an apartment in the same location. Here, you can find studios for rent in Porto Arabia and Viva Bahriya. In addition to great views, you will find the properties for rent in the Pearl, some of the most luxurious in the country.

Studios for rent in West Bay are also a great option, as this area is known for being the hub of Doha. What is great about the studios for rent in West Bay is the options you have: Here, you will find homes starting from 5,000 QAR a month and going up to 9,000 a month, with an option of fully serviced studios for rent well. Mostly located in high-rise towers, you will also benefit from great facilities in most towers.

Studios Apartment for Rent

For those looking to be in the center of Doha, you’ll be happy to learn that there are several studios for rent in Al Aziziyah, some within walking distance to Villaggio Mall. Another area in central Doha that offers studios is Al Sadd; studio apartments for rent in Al Sadd are very popular mainly due to their central location and the towers’ facilities.

It is no surprise that the studios for rent in Lusail are becoming some of the most popular choices for studio rentals in Qatar, thanks to excellent prices and great facilities. The homes in Lusail are new and modern, and interest has peaked tremendously. Studios for rent in Fox Hills start at QAR 4,000 a month.

The ex-pat community in Qatar

Qatar’s oil-rich, tiny Middle Eastern country is an attractive option for ex-pats, who account for approximately 88% of the population. It is the richest country globally, in per capita income terms, and considered highly developed.

Since 90% of people – including almost all ex-pats – live in the capital city of Doha, this is most likely where you would look to rent in Qatar. Although this is a fairly expensive proposition, it’s well worth it, given the high construction and maintenance standards. The first step is to ensure that your housing allowance is at least a quarter of your annual CTC. Once this is in place, you can look forward to enjoying world-class living amenities in great neighborhoods.

Renting in Qatar

Although Qatar has been opening up parts of its property market to enable foreigners to buy real estate, most ex-pats still prefer to rent. Around three-quarters of the population – most ex-pats – rent apartments, and around 60% of all properties in the country are for residential renting.

Renting a place to live in Qatar is an expensive proposition. According to a real estate services organ, ization Colliers International report, an average ex-pat household spends more than a third of its income on rent. However, the relatively cheaper utilities (water, electricity, and gas) offset rentals to a large extent. If money is a concern, you may want to steer clear of the temptation of getting a villa and opt for an apartment.

The Renting Process

The renting process in Qatar is efficient and quick, but you need to have the required paperwork in place. Most rental contracts are annual and have strict provisions about dos and don’ts. Make sure you read your contract carefully and look out for the fine print! You may find many (or at least some) of the clauses very watertight and probably tilted in favor of the landlord, so a good idea will be to clear all doubts and lay down your requirements upfront. For instance, are the premises pet-friendly? Can visiting friends stay with you? This will avoid any confusion later on.

Most rented accommodation requires you to give post-dated cheques for the entire duration of your contract before you move in. Don’t worry, though; this is how the market operates; they are not singling you out. Also, do keep in mind this is an Islamic country, and therefore you have to keep certain guidelines in mind. For instance, you need to be married to rent a place as a couple in Qatar; you may be able to get away with it at a stretch, but it’s best not to take a chance.

Popular Places to Rent in Qatar

The Old Airport ArThis is where the old airport used to be for those who wish to live in a historic part of o be. It has mostly spacious villas suited for varying budgets, ideal for families.

Al Saad: Home to the landmark Al Saad Sports complex. This part of Doha is bustling with malls, medical centers, and other conveniences.

West Bay: Insulated from the general hustle, this is a genteel part of town, facing the sea. It’s a Tony neighborhood and boasts premium villas and swanky residential high-rises. However, be prepared to pay a high price for all its trappings.

Al Dafna: This is the downtown area of Doha and is well-connected to all parts of town. Many offices operate out of here, so it’s ideal if you don’t want a longer commute and is hugely popular with ex-pats. Plus, it’s sea-facing.

Lusail City: One of the proposed venues of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, this is a futuristic district about 20 km away from Doha. A lot of construction is ongoing, but if you want a taste of the future, this is where you should be heading for.

Buying vs. Renting in Qatar

According to an article by, which appeared in March 2019, “renting seems the most viable option for most expatriate households due to lack of financial capital, need for flexibility, and most importantly, the uncertainty regarding their length of stay within the country.

However, for those households which expect to remain for more than five years, have a minimum monthly income of QAR 15,000, and can afford to pay a down payment of at least 30% of the capital value, buying can be viable. To consider.”

There are high chances that your Gulf posting or assignment will likely be a temporary one, and you are unlikely to convert it into a permanent residency there. Even if you are thinking about the long-term, you will need at least a couple of years to get acclimatized to a new country/market; so, right after the landfall, renting in Qatar is the way to go.

Types of property to rent in There are many different options when

When renting a place to live options. The villa life, for example, which comes with all kinds of amenities and community living, will be a tempting proposition if you have a big family. However, there are many options you should sift through before you make an informed decision. It is a good idea to factor in issues like money, location, conveniences, and proximity to your workplace and schools; these will come in handy in a new place.

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