Which are the bestselling Beyern Wheels in the United States?

Beyern Wheels have gained a reputation for themselves in the circles of customization enthusiasts for their splendid finish, high quality, and excellent performances.

In recent years, their sales in the United States have also taken a steep upturn.

Many customers often find themselves in a quandary when they visit a showroom to select the best set of Beyern Wheels for their BMWs. The following is a list of their most popular models.

This should act as a handy guide for those looking to splurge on a high-end bespoke set of wheels that will make their BMWs turn heads wherever they go.

The most iconic Beyern Wheels

Note that the following list is representative of the numbers sold each year. The higher the volumes sold each year, the more popular the model is.

The Beyern Ritz

Today, it can be safely claimed that the Ritz is the most popular model of the entire Beyern Wheels range. The Ritz has been designed to fit the BMW 2 Series as well as the X3 and X5 models. The Ritz is a fantastic piece of engineering; at its core lies the rotary forged technology. Many clients often compare these dashing models with popular Velgen Wheels.

The Ritz is available in a number of different sizes. Selecting the best-suited model for your vehicle requires professional expertise. If you have the time, head over to Audio City USA, one of California’s oldest tire and wheel retailers. They sell their products all over the US and have been around for 30 years at the same location.

The Beyern Rapp

At first glance, they might look remarkably similar to Stance Wheels given their aesthetics. However, a closer inspection highlights how different these models are. The Rapp range is identical in some respects to XO Wheels, which is itself one of the biggest aftermarket OE+ range of wheels available in the US. Rapp range has a simple but unique design. All of the models have 5 spokes and come mostly in mirror cut lip finishes. There are several glossy colors available in this range that sit rather pretty with some of the latest BMWs

  • Especially the modern SUVs which have gained significant traction not only in the United States but across the world.

You can consider purchasing the Rapp range from several different diameters available, starting from 17 inches and going all the way up to 22 inches. The Rapp range is all set to dethrone the legendary Gianelle Wheels– a notable brand that were synonymous with BMWs.

The Beyern Aviatic

The Aviatic is probably the jewel in the crown of Beyern Wheels. Wheels have been designed keeping only BMWs in mind, especially the stretch sedans that scream BMW! This range of alloy wheels comes in a wide range of diameters, has a distinct Teutonic look that makes it a perfect fit for BMW’s mean machines and is available in both glossy and matte finishes.

The Aviatic is slightly classier than other Beyern Wheels as they are rather spare, lean and have a definite edge over the stock wheels with which each BMW leaves the factory.

It is essential to remember that most BMW owners choose to go for slightly larger rims when they choose aftermarket solutions. Thus, the Aviatic range boasts of larger models, going up to 20-inches, while each model has 2 width variants available.

Essentially, this means that the wheels can be treated and customized in a way the customer desires. It can be inch-up and also made slightly bigger than usual for every BMW model. It is no wonder that these Beyern Wheels have proven to be a runaway bestseller in the United States.

In parting

Do keep in mind that different BMW categories require different wheels, and it is extremely risky to use either too large or too small rims. These will adversely affect your driving, consume more fuel, and will not be as useful as a well-chosen rim.

For more advice on Beyern Wheels and how you can choose them like a professional, you can always ring up the experts at Audio City USA at 888 814 1158 on any business day.


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