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Which Is The Best Business Data Extractor For Google Maps?

Are you looking for the best business leads scraper for Google Maps that can be helpful for your B2B business, B2B marketing, and B2B lead generation efforts? If yes then you found it. In this post, I will tell you all about the “best Google Maps Business Data Extractor software” that can help you to build your own business database of emails and phone numbers for marketing campaigns to grow your business rapidly.

Is Google Maps Really Effective For Lead Generation?

Google Maps with business listings and places is the world’s most popular business directory website. Every day, millions of businesses use Google Maps to share business updates, business offers and develop their community also.

Google Maps is also the best online platform of choice for B2B prospecting and B2B Lead generation. On Google Maps, businesses have direct access to their targeted customers. A customer will find almost each and every detail about a business on Google Maps to purchase something or to find something. Almost 50-60% of marketers, freelancers, and businesses use Google Maps to collect business data because there are more than 11 million businesses on Google Maps for each industry and country.

Now it’s clear that if you want to collect b2b leads data for b2b business or b2b marketing campaign then Google Maps can be a very effective channel for this purpose.

Now you don’t need to ask, “Why should I use Google Maps for lead generation?” but instead,  you need to ask, “How can I extract B2B leads data from Google Maps?” Following is the best and trendy way to extract data from Google Maps to Excel without coding and getting blocked.

Let’s dive in!

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The Most Used, Trending, And Easy To Use Business Data Extractor For Google Maps

The Most Trending And Easy To Use Business Data Extractor For Google Maps

People make trends for everything which they find easy and reliable and that’s why I recommend you this Google Maps Data Extractor software because many people like it and use it. Why do people use it?

As I told you earlier Google Maps consists of more than 11 million business profiles around the world that’s why you cannot scrape b2b leads data from LinkedIn manually.  The Google Maps Scraper saves your precious time, money, and effort because it finds business data automatically, extracts data automatically, and exports data automatically from Google Maps for your targeted keywords and locations. That’s why people love this software because they don’t need to do any manual tasks and don’t need to hire an expensive staff or freelancer for this task.

Google Maps Email Extractor is the best business scraping tool for those who want to sell their products or services to businesses like restaurants, hotels, hospitals, doctors, etc. The Google Maps Business Listing Scraper can find businesses by name, zip code, address, and business listing URLs.

Why Google Maps Extractor?

It is the best and most used tool to scrape business data from Google Maps in 2019, 2020, and 2021. See some of the following features of Google Maps Crawler that make him best among others.

  • Google Maps Contact Extractor can find and scrape automatically b2b companies contact information like Google Maps profile links, Business Name, Contact information (email, phone number available on business listing), Company description, business address, working hours, social media links, established date, ratings, reviews, latitude, longitude, website link, and Industry type.
  • Google Maps Lead Extractor has the same search option as you have on Google Maps and it saves previous search history also.
  • With Google Maps Location Scraper you can scrape and extract b2b leads data from all business listings of Google Maps search results or only the profiles you select.
  • Its price is just 49.99$ per month and it is ready to use Google Maps Scraper software so you don’t need to learn any programming language or extra skills to use it.
  • It has a complete guide and videos to understand the working of the software.
  • Google Places Scraper can extract data from 1200-1500 business listings in a day.
  • Google Maps Phone Number Extractor supports various formats to save your data like CSV, Excel, and Text files.
  • Google Maps Grabber works like a human so you don’t need to worry about being blocked by Google Maps when using it.

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