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Which One Is Better For Learning Yoga? Offline or Online Yoga?

At this time of the era, the world is different from how it was two years ago. Things have drastically changed in the last two years, and the best part is that people learned to live with whatever they have. Covid-19 is the worst nightmare for the entire planet, and there is no compensation for the loss people faced. Many people lost all their loved ones; some lost their jobs, some ran out of food, the picture of the world is no longer the same. However, covid-19 put us on a stage where we had no other option but to learn new technologies.

One of the good things after covid is people being grateful for their lives. Everyone realized the importance of being healthy and the significant shift from offline to online. Educational institutions and working industries had to shift to online mode to stay safe from the covid spread. Due to the rapid growth of the virus, people became conscious about their health and started working out. When it comes to staying healthy, active, and relaxed, yoga is the first thing that comes to mind.

Since, it was not allowed to go out, especially for any social gatherings, activities also shifted online. However, for some people, it is still not comfortable to join online yoga classes. Most people think that online classes may not be as good as offline classes. They find it hard to decide whether they should invest in online classes or not. If you are one of them, this article will help you understand the difference between online and offline yoga classes are.

Comparison between online yoga classes and offline yoga classes

Yoga is one of the ancient art forms that help a person bring flexibility in their body, stay fit and calm their mind at the same time. Over the decades, multiple forms of yoga came to the spotlight, and each of them consists of postures that help your body relieve muscle tension, pain, stress, etc. Although it seems complicated for many people to learn yoga online, yoga instructors from Indian and worldwide have decided to take a step ahead to keep everyone healthy and stress-free. Knowing the primary differences between offline and online sessions will help you determine if you are unsure about online yoga sessions.

Offline yoga classes VS Online yoga classes

  • Expenses

There are several best yoga schools in Rishikesh where renowned trained yoga instructors teach yoga. There is no denying that the sessions they provide are top knot. However, one thing comes with such a good experience, and it is the charges. Most of the schools offer 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, which is expensive yoga sessions, and everyone can’t afford them. Expenses for offline yoga classes do not end here, and if you can find a yoga class that doesn’t charge as much as the rest, it is probably far away in some locality, which means you have to travel. You will also require a yoga mat, yoga pants, and t-shirts, etc. All these things can be heavy on the pocket, and it is not affordable, which is one of the many reasons people don’t join yoga schools.

On the other hand, there are online yoga classes. When it comes to learning yoga online, most of the online yoga sessions are affordable. Some instructors might charge a bit higher than the rest, but it will still be reasonable for anyone to join. You can learn from instructors sitting on the other side of the world, and it will still cost you less than going to a big yoga school near your house. Moreover, you can also save the traveling cost and the extra expenses for buying clothes suitable for yoga schools.

  • Flexible timing

Timing is one of the biggest problems people deal with before joining yoga classes or any other activities. All the best yoga school in Rishikesh have their particular schedule for yoga sessions. Even though there are various shifts, they may not match your work schedule. Sometimes people join yoga classes but fail to continue due to their inflexible schedules.

However, online yoga classes are always flexible. Whether you have time in the morning, afternoon, evening, midnight, you can practice yoga anytime and anywhere you want. There is no particular schedule for practicing yoga. By any chance, if you miss the live yoga session of your favorite instructor, you can still practice with the recorded live. You can enjoy your yoga session without compromising your work or personal time.

  • Hygiene

Although yoga schools in Rishikesh do their best to keep their property safe and hygienic for everyone, it still can cause diseases. There will be many people joining the same class as you, all coming from the outside. Especially after covid-19 being present in a place where there are many people seems harmful. Not only covid but it is always better to stay out of gatherings for your safety.

Online yoga classes let you practice yoga from anywhere. Don’t need to step out of your house to stay healthy, not even from your room. You can be safe and also help to break the chain of covid-19 spread. You can peacefully practice the postures with the guidance of your instructor without wearing a mask of safety measures.


Hopefully, this article will help you ensure if you want to join online yoga sessions or not.

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