Why Castile Soap Is the Most Versatile Hand Soap Around

There are so many kinds of soap. From hand soap to body soap, dish soap, laundry soap, and on and on. There’s a soap or detergent for practically every need under the sun. So many that we end up with cabinets, pantries, and counters strewn with all the soap we need to wash every nook and cranny of our existence. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? Well, it doesn’t! Of course, you already knew that. The title of this article gave it away. In many ways, castile soap is the ultimate soap. Its formula allows it to be used for just about any cleaning need around the home where soap or detergent is called for. From the dishwasher to the washing machine to the bathroom sink, here’s why this soap is such a big deal.

The Castile Soap Basics

Castile soap is beloved for many reasons. It’s made with relatively simple ingredients and it’s a gentle cleanser. Its most basic formula is made using plant-based oils, like coconut and olive oil, never synthetic ingredients. The use of olive oil, for instance, harkens back to the soap’s earliest days centuries ago. It was made from olive oil produced in the region of Spain known as Castile. Today, castile soap is still made with simple, straightforward ingredients, unlike many conventional soaps and detergents which are loaded with harsh chemicals. When you want gentle, yet effective cleansing, simplicity is the way to go.

Castile Soap for the Hands and Body

Because castile soap is so gentle, it makes for an ideal soap for the hands and body when properly diluted in water. Add a few cap fulls to your bathtub or a few drops to a wash cloth. Thanks to the inclusion of plant-based oils, like olive oil, it helps keep skin moisturized. Conventional hand soaps and body washes tend to pull moisture away and can leave your skin feeling dried out and irritated. No one wants that. When your soap actively adds moisture to your skin, it can leave your skin feeling softer and more nourished. Can you use this type of soap for your face and hair? You absolutely can! Using castile soap can be an effective facial cleanser and shampoo, but it might take a little experimentation to determine if it’ll work for you in this way.

Castile Soap—A Domestic Goddess?

Here’s where castile soap really shines. There are countless ways you can use this soap around the home—essentially replacing many of the soaps and detergents taking up space in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and so on. Use it to clean dishes, either by hand or in the dishwasher. Use it to clean clothes, again by hand or in the washing machine. You can even use this soap as a targeted stain remover by rubbing it into the stain and rinsing. With the dishes and laundry out of the way, you can clean the rest of the home, too! All you have to do is blend 1-part soap with 12-parts water to dilute and add to a spray bottle. Instant multi-purpose spray cleaner!

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