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Why Does a Central Air Conditioner Smell Like Chemicals?

The air conditioner turns on in hot summer or cold environments for relaxing. When you turn on your Ac, immediately you realize something is wrong. The smell is different and not like that you want in your room. The problem is that your central air conditioner smell like chemicals. Sometimes you are wondering what to do? The smell can spread due to the following reasons:

  • Leakage of a refrigerator
  • Molds present on the evaporator coil
  • Open chemical container near an indoor handler
  • Air filter
  • New ductwork 

Reasons Of Its Smell

1: A Refrigerant Leak:

Refrigerant is utterly necessary for your AC unit to cool down the home, clean the air conditioner smell and work properly. Refrigerant is what blows cold air through the vents and removes the hot air from the house. Refrigerants pass through copper coils, and often, these coils can break down, causing breakage. Refrigerants passing through these copper coils will then flow out through the cracks. When you turn on the AC, it is more than related to the leaky refrigerant if you smell a sweet, chloroform-type smell. 

Other signs of a refrigerant leak include:

  • Higher than normal energy bills
  • Warm air coming through the vents
  • Ice on your AC lines
  • A bubbling or hissing sound coming from outside the AC unit

2: New Ductwork:

If you have recently installed new ductwork, the glue can be the main cause of the chemical smell in your house from this new ductwork. While this is not a significant issue that needs AC repair, it can be not very pleasant. 

Wait for the smell to go away over time, except there is not much to get rid of this smell.

3: Containers of Chemicals near the Indoor Air Handler:

An outside and an inside unit are both included in an AC unit. The Air handler is the inside unit and is primarily present in the basement of a home. It is also commonly used as a storage space where that handler is current. Often, chemicals stored near the handler can cause pollution from chemical containers to spread throughout the home. 

Ensure all stored chemicals are correctly sealed or stored in a different area to prevent a bad smell in the home.

4: Air Filters

Ozone smells a lot like chlorine which is produced by an electrostatic air filter. 

It could cause trouble breathing and could be the source of the chemical smell; lower the setting on your filter to reduce that smell and ozone being released. An expert AC repair technician can also help you solve this issue if you are unsure what to do. Air duct cleaning in Lawrenceville, provides a complete duct cleaning service and gives one year warranty on every HVAC installation.

Anytime you are anxious that your AC unit is not working as it should. You must call the professionals to make sure everything is working efficiently. And you can have a good, comfortable summer in your immaculate, air-conditioned home. Call an AC technician for chemical smells in your home, and your entire AC repair is required. Air duct repair and replacement in Lawrenceville, provides the best services and increases the life span of your conditioner.

Air Conditioner Smells Sweet, Chloroform-Like:

Mainly, the chemical smell occurs due to a refrigerant leak. Maybe you are wondering what refrigerant is? The powerful chemical used by AC is a refrigerant. The purpose of refrigerants is to emit the inner heat side of the home. The refrigerant travels through closed copper coils when it is working perfectly fine. Oftentimes, copper coils might leak; due to wear and tear, letting the refrigerant out. It is causing an unwanted smell.

What to do:

 You require a professional to solve this unless you are a do-it-yourself champion. Before you recharge your system, ask a professional to repair the leak. Keep in mind that electronic cleaners can also be a source of smell as they create ozone.

Cleaning Supplies, paints, and Chemical Smell from AC Unit:

The indoor air handler is liable for blowing air all over your home. It mainly occurs if chemical containers are near the indoor air handler of your conditioner. This handler is primarily found in storage space. If there are any paint cleaners or thinner nearby with open containers, the smell will be spread throughout your entire home.

What to do:

The solution to this one is straightforward. Close properly any open containers near the handler, and it will surely go away.


There is something to keep in mind while we are at it.

Do not try to do AC repairs by yourself. Always call the expert technician to do the work for you. When the electrical components and water do not mix properly, there is a high chance of electric shock. If you have enough knowledge to do a DIY, make sure you have thoroughly gone over your conditioner’s maintenance and operating manuals. Then try to collect the right set of tools for the work. Finally, switch off the main power supply to your AC and have complete personal protective equipment (PPE) at hand.

Moreover, do not try to control the bad smell using a freshener or air purifier. It will only make things difficult. Air duct cleaning gives complete duct cleaning and repair and ensures your protection and peace of mind. Delaying the complete repair work will only damage the air conditioner more than it already is and you’ll have to buy a completely new AC unit altogether.

Air conditioner needs repair:

Whenever there is an unusual smell coming from your air conditioning, it is better to note it rather than ignore the problem. Air duct repair and replacement provides quality level repair service and provides the highest level of comfort for you and your family. All the factors above about air conditioning smell make an unpleasant experience. So, the next time you come home and an unpleasant smell is experienced, you know correctly what it could be and what you require to do to solve the problem.

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