Why Free Fire is Popular Nowdays?

There are several reasons Free Fire (FF) remains popular in India that you should know. With this reason you can see how free fire remains popular.

Free Fire is one of the most popular online games in India to date. This game is very popular with many people, both children and adults.

No wonder, if this game is one of the best-selling games in India today. In the Free Fire game, there is a main goal that must be done by Free Fire players, which is to win to get booyah.

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular games in India today. The total downloads of Free Fire on the Play Store have reached more than 100 million.

A true free fire game is a survival game and the gameplay is the same as PUBG Mobile, Rules Of Survival, and other battle royale games. However, in free fire there are differences that can be a reason Free Fire remains popular in India. Especially on interesting updates and how to manage the game publisher.

These are some of the reasons why Free Fire is so popular in India.

1. Smartphone Friendly Game

The first reason Free Fire remains popular in India is that Free Fire can be run on Small Smartphone Specifications. Unlike other online games like PUBG Mobile, you really have to have a cellphone with qualified specs to play it.

While in this Free Fire game, it is enough with an Android smartphone with at least 1 GB of RAM to be able to play it. So do not be surprised if this game is still growing today.

Garena Free Fire does not require high specifications to play it. Even potato phones can play this game, unlike its competitor, PUBG Mobile, which requires higher minimum specifications.

Therefore, some people whose cellphones are unable to play PUBG Mobile smoothly prefer to play Free Fire.

2. Free Fire Players Keep Top-Up

free fire


The second reason Free Fire remains popular in India is because the Free Fire game is one of the games that can generate the most money. Until now, Free Fire is still perched on the top board as the online game with the highest revenue in the play store.

Of course this is because many Free Fire players continue to Free Fire Redeem codes who top up up to millions of rupiah into the game. With the reason that Free Fire remains popular, it’s not surprising that many players still feel at home and many people want to play this game.

3. Frequent Free Item Events


Not all gamers want to spend money on a game, many even claim that they are free users .

It seems Garena knows very well what gamers want , not infrequently they provide events with attractive prizes that you can get just by playing.

Even the prizes offered are not half-hearted, Garena once distributed free magic cubes to all its players on Free Fire’s birthday.

4. Lots of Active Creator Content

The presence of content creators is also quite influential, because they are like promoting this game for free for Garena to the audience.

New viewers who haven’t played this game may have the desire to play because they see some videos from the creator’s content.

5. Easy To Play


Unlike PUBG Mobile in terms of shooting, Free Fire provides an auto aim feature to make playing easier.

This feature will make it easier for players who are new to Free Fire. Not only that, bots are also here to entertain new players.

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