Why is IBDP Trending on the Top List for High School Goers?

The IB Diploma Program is high on demand and students love to enroll in this course. Since it not only leads to personal student development but also enables them to get admission to their dream university. What else can it do? And what are the perks of enrolling in IBDP schools? Read this post and get all your answers.

Choosing the right course for your child is not an easy task at all, especially when you are thinking about your child moving Abroad. In a big list of curriculum, you must have heard the name of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. But what exactly is it? And why one should consider this curriculum at the age of 16 to 19 years. Which is the best IBDP International school in Dubai? Know everything in detail!

What is the IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme)?

Usually, it is referred to as IB. It is an international and comprehensive course that aims to foster the intellectual, social, emotional, and personal skills of students. Moreover, this Diploma Programme (DP) is the best for students aged between 16 and 19 and for those who are looking to study abroad like Dubai for higher studies.

Why is IBDP special? Know the benefits!

Deep Knowledge of Subjects

Unlike A-level courses where a candidate needs to be specialized in 3 or 4 subjects, IB students leverage the benefit of studying courses from 6 different subjects including mathematics, humanities, languages, sciences, and so forth. Not to doubt, the structure of the IB course is specifically designed to increase the depth of understanding and knowledge to students.

Experiential Learning

Learning becomes more fun if you add special features to it. Isn’t it? Well, the same happens with the IB curriculum. In this, students can participate in CAS. It stands for Creativity, Activity, and Service. The main aim to add this element is to allow candidates to learn through their experience and to take action in other services. Apart from that, students can enhance their skills and work upon interest via joining sports, community service, clubs, projects, and co-curricular activities. It helps them to stay motivated, well-rounded, and self-confident all the time.

Freedom to Learn

IB study is somewhat different. Want to know how? Well, it encourages the learners to make a connection to everything they go through or learn. They are more confident about their instincts and make decisions quickly. It won’t be wrong to say, the lessons they learn in the classroom can help them to make the connection with the things that happen in the soccer field. They not only get the freedom they want but also go beyond the set benchmarks.

Research Skills are Improved

The Theory of Knowledge and The Extended Essay are two main components of the IB Diploma course. These components encourage students to develop organizational skills and independent research. Both these things are quite essential for those students who are wishing to pursue higher education. In fact, several international schools in Dubai are constantly working to enhance the research skills of students. So, if you want the same for your child, this course is appropriate for sure.

Global Citizenship

The IB Diploma is very popular nowadays. Not to surprise, this course is offered in around 150 countries. Globally, it is recognized in almost ninety countries. It includes many renowned universities like Stanford, Yale, Harvard, etc. This IB course is also highly in demand because it teaches students to be culturally aware and outward-facing so that they are well-prepared as global citizens.

Time Management

One thing that is essential in a student’s life is “Time Management”. If one can manage time systematically, then he can excel in every field. This skill is easily picked up by the IB students. Apart from establishing good study habits, they can set time for assignments, revise on subjects and avoid distraction easily.

Challenges on the way

Some people love to have challenges in life. The IB curriculum is rigorous and highly rewarding to those who want to know their limits. By the end of this course, students can build a high level of confidence and push themselves to the extent to achieve extraordinarily. In short, it’s inspiring, stimulating and allows students to excel in any way.

Admissions in University

According to the study of HESA aka Higher Education Statistics Agency, it has been observed that IB graduates have better options to enroll in the UK’s top twenty colleges and universities than those students having similar qualifications. Moreover, it was found that IB graduates have fair chances to get admission in the USA’s top ten universities.

The Bottom Line!

When the IB diploma program gives you so many benefits, it is good to choose this course without any second thought. In Dubai, many IBDP schools are readily available to provide education for this curriculum. The Global Indian International School is one of the top schools in Dubai that is offering IB courses at affordable prices. Visit the website and get the full details about the fee structure and course.

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