Why is Unified Payment Interface Better than other Payment Options?

Technology has made life easier for everyone, and one of the best things it has given is digital transactions. There are multiple online options to pay online, including net banking, credit and debit cards, and the UPI (Unified Payment Interface)payment app. Before the apps got introduced in the market, people used their browsers to make payments which took a lot of time. Moreover, there was time and availability constraint. Furthermore, the card swipe mechanism was not completely contactless. Hence, it became challenging to make transactions without coming in direct contact with anyone when required. Thus, the need for a new payment option that stands tall on all the needs arose. That led to the introduction of a UPI payment app. Let us dig deeper and see how these apps are better than other digital payment options. 

Things that make UPI better than other


Uncomplicated Process

It is a fuss-free payment option. Users don’t need to add beneficiaries or follow detailed login and transaction processes. They only have to link their bank account details with the app of their choice and can subsequently complete the transactions within seconds. They can pay by putting the UPI ID of the merchant in the app or by scanning the QR codes provided by the vendor. 

No Need for E-wallets

UPI payments happen directly between two accounts, without the involvement of any third party. Money gets deducted from the payee’s account and is transferred directly into the receiver’s account. Even when they win a cashback reward, the money goes into the account, not any e-wallet. Thus, all the rewards they win act as the actual cash and not dummy points. Hence, this process is simple and extremely uncomplicated.

Contactless Option

The pandemic brought the need for social distancing and avoiding direct physical contact with other people. Hence, there was a need to opt for a contactless payment mode that let the transactions happen directly. It is where the UPI (Unified Payment Interface) payments came as a boon. Users could make payments through their smartphones, by putting UPI ID or by scanning the QR code of the merchant. The best part is that they could even pay online on multiple e-commerce stores through the UPI ID. 

Faster Solution

There are multiple online payment modes, but the UPI payment app is a faster solution. Transactions happen within seconds, and you can effortlessly skip the long queues at the payment counter. Moreover, within a fraction of a second, the money will reflect in the receiver account, and there are almost zero chances of payment failure. 

Added Offers

The best part about UPI app is that they offer additional perks and discounts to users. This way, the consumers can shop at discounted prices and even shop more by paying less. At the same time, merchants can attract more consumers to their business by offering app-specific deals to the users. 

There are a plethora of unique features of a UPI payment app, making it better than other digital payment modes. However, with the increased inclination of people towards this mode, countless apps got launched into the market, confusing the users to bits. Hence, it is vital to choose the best available option after carefully checking all the details of the app you wish to use. You can refer to the reviews left by other users and read detailed feedback to understand the app’s efficiency and its perks. Start using this payment mode, and you will get amazed by seeing how it sorts your payment options.

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