Why Should You Switch To Perfumes From Deodorants?

People use deodorants because they are cheaper options. It is not always possible for one to buy luxury fragrances. They are expensive and often not available easily. Contrary to this, deodorant sprays are available in every drugstore. Even your local grocery stores and chemist shops keep a few popular options. One can simply visit these stores and pick up a deodorant spray for a couple of hundreds. But the aroma of these products is not a long-lasting one.

No matter how better a deodorant brand is, the aroma lasts for about a few hours only. You have to freshen up the scent. Spraying the body spray every few hours can be tiring. If you do not wish to do this, perfume is what you need. Fragrances are much stronger as compared to deodorant sprays. They have higher essence concentration. It is more than 8% in most perfumes. Compared with 2% essence in body sprays, you can imagine the vividness of scent.

By spending a few extra bucks, you can enjoy a fragrance like no other. If you have not yet tried perfume, it is time to do it. You might even want to leave the deodorant sprays and switch to perfumes.

Are Perfumes Better Than Deodorants?

It is a question many ask many times. When someone is asked to pay extra for a perfume, they wonder why it is worth it. Deodorants are doing pretty much the same thing. So why should one go ahead and pay extra for the same thing? Well, the answer is you need much more than just a nice fragrance.

Perfume for men and women has a lasting better than any perfume product. It includes body sprays, body mists, lotions, and scented shower gels. One or two sprays are enough to make you smell good. The aroma stays on for hours and does not need freshening it up. Contrary to this, deodorants need 4-5 long sprays. The scent does not last more than a couple of hours. You have to apply and reapply the body spray to maintain the aroma.

Apart from this, the aroma of a perfume is vivid, deep, and rich. You can feel every note and the combination. The aroma is relaxing for the senses and uplifting for your confidence. But the body sprays only offer reduced perspiration if it is antiperspirant. So, if you are looking for a scent that stays longer and is vivid, perfume is for you.

Can I Use Deodorant Spray With Perfume?

Often people prefer to use either deodorant or perfume. Using both of them together is mostly out of the question for them. They feel that it will affect the aroma of the other. This is true in the case of perfume if you are not careful. Yet, it is possible to use both body sprays and perfumes together. This is a trick called layering. This trick helps in making your deodorant last longer. Not only it will help in enhancing the perfume aroma but will add hours to its life.

You can use deodorant at the base. Spray it on your body and allow it to dry. Once done, spray perfume over it. This will help in creating a layer of aroma. Deodorants will help prevent sweating and odour caused by it. Perfume will give a lasting aroma. Anyone who sweats a lot or is worried about body odour must try this.

To have the best results, try to use fragrances with similar notes. Both perfume and deodorant must have a similar aroma. This will help in preventing any changes to the aroma. Your perfume will smell better this way instead of dying out soon. It is best if both products are from the same variant or brand. Keeping all these points in mind, you can use both body sprays and perfumes together. Whether it is a perfume for women or men, layering makes it all better.

Which Perfume Brands Are Available At A Low Price In India?

It is possible for you to get perfume at affordable prices. In India, there are many perfume brands offering scents at the same price as deodorants. Some stores like Perfume Booth have international brands at low prices. New NB is one such brand offering excellent quality perfumes at unbeatable cost. You can shop for trending fragrances according to the season and mood.

Another such brand is Perfumer’s Club having made in India perfumes. With selected fragrances, this brand has everything you need at a low price. Apart from these, there are many other fragrances on budget. You can explore them all over at online perfume stores. If you do not wish to buy full size perfumes, some brands have tester shots as well. Perfumes are the best way to enjoy a lasting aroma. And you do not have to pay extra with these affordable brands. Try them today and enjoy a truly luxurious experience.

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