Why Spill Containment Berms Are Ideal Protection for Tools and Equipment

The tools and equipment used by your business are essential. They help keep things moving. They help you get the job done and by extension help pay the bills. In short, they’re an investment. So, it only makes sense that you want to protect that investment as much as you can. This includes routine inspection and maintenance. But does it include physical protection? Possibly, if you keep your equipment under lock and key. You may even have onsite cameras and security. But what about spill containment berms? You may have tools that may leak hydraulic fluid or lubricants. Or you may have equipment that needs to be protected on jobs where external liquids run the risk of causing damage. If you have yet to invest in spill containment berms, here’s why they can become as essential as the equipment you use every day.

Spill Containment Berms Are Another Layer of Protection

From smaller, portable tools to larger, industrial equipment, protection is paramount. This includes protecting equipment from possible damage from external sources. You take a rig to a job site and there’s a water leak. Or another contractor’s equipment experiences a leak or spill. You don’t want your equipment to be hit with collateral damage in the process. A spill berm around your gear minimizes the threat. It keeps your equipment out of harm’s way and may even minimize productivity loss in the process. And thanks to the portable design of many spill berms, they’re easy to store and transport. You can always have a spill containment option on hand. It protects your business assets from variables you might not anticipate and all you have to do is run to your truck, grab it, and deploy. It takes minutes.

Spill Containment Berms Keep Leaks in One Place

Sometimes drips, leaks, and spills are inevitable. You may run gear that requires hydraulic fluids, oils, or lubricants. In addition, other equipment may need coolant to operate. Keep these fluids in one place with spill containment berms. Spill berms are available in dozens of sizes, so you can find the right spill berm for any given tool or vehicle. Or connect with a company that offers custom sizing, such as AIRE Environmental. That way, you have a spill solution correctly sized to the space you have available or sized exclusively to that piece of equipment. That’s efficiency in spill control.

Spill Containment Berms Keep Your Business Cleaner

Just as spill containment berms keep leaks in one place, they do double duty by keeping your business free from spills. When your work area is kept clear from potential spills and leaks, you reduce workplace hazards considerably. This includes potential slip and fall accidents, as well as issues associated with contamination which can leave you and your business liable. It also helps your business address regulatory concerns, from OSHA to the EPA. Plus, if or when you have a spill, when it’s contained, it’s much easier to deal with, which equals less downtime and lost productivity. You can dispose of the leak properly and your business stays up and running. It just makes sense.

About AIRE Environmental

Since 2001, AIRE Environmental, formerly known as AIRE Industrial, has designed and built containment solutions in Meridian, Idaho, USA. Products in their catalog, including spill containment berms, flood barriers, erosion control, and water bladder tank solutions, are made to meet or surpass industrial and regulatory standards. AIRE Environmental relies on high-grade materials coupled with industry-leading fabrication methods in the manufacture of their products, emphasizing durability and reliability. They work with businesses, contractors, disaster relief groups, and government agencies. Whether you need prefabricated containment or a custom solution, AIRE Environmental is here to help.

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