WordPress donation plugin

Like I said, WordPress does not provide the default method of receiving payments. This is the reason plugins are useful. Once you’ve made your business, blog or non-commercial website. All you have to do is download the plug-in and incorporate donation forms into your website. WordPress donation plug-ins are quickly installed and utilized to accept donations from donors. The problem is when you need to select the best plugin for your needs.

WordPress donation

There are numerous WordPress donation plugins available on market and it’s difficult for anyone to decide one among the many. In this post, I’ll discuss the five best WordPress donation plug-ins. I hope this summary of features helps to choose the most suitable one.


The majority of the plugins listed below make use of PayPal in order to take donations. Therefore, before you get started, spend the time to find out the process of how PayPal works for Nonprofits functions (this article from JotForm contains all you should be aware of).

To make sure you have a painless donation process, use an application listed in the following list. Let’s take a look!

WordPress payment

GeekCod Lab Form is a free WordPress payment plugin that takes donations created by Woo-Donation. This is an excellent plugin that can accept donations via different payment systems. It is possible to accept donations of any kind through this amazing plugin. Its free edition lets users to use payments through the patch system. In the premium version, it allows you to make use of PayPal as well.

Drag-and-drop donation

The drag-and-drop donation tool provides all the essential features for creating forms. Users can make regular payments with the plugin due to its support the Stripe as well as PayPal Payment gateways. Woo donation Form is priced at $ 29 for Lifetime and supplies you with an easy-to-use, advanced document on the Internet. It also is supported by Geek Code Lab. Geek Code Lab team.


The reason why charity is essential for our society


Every year, on the 5th of September every year, the world observes this day as the International Day of Charity. This holiday was created in the UN General Assembly in order to bring attention to the work of charitable groups and individuals who battle against the many global problems. They include the human suffering, poverty and diseases, environmental catastrophes and more.


The date was chosen randomly: on September 5 1997 Mother Teresa, the famous missionary. The person who founded the Order of Mercy, and the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, died. The woman who founded the Order of Mercy has dedicated most of her time to helping those in need, sick and orphans. Those who are part from the Sisters – Missionaries of Love congregation she established today continue her work in various parts of the world.

Helping out by cleaning

The meaning behind charity from the first look, is obvious and understandable. It is when you do something nice for someone else, but with no expectation of retribution. However sending flowers to your friend or helping out by cleaning her house isn’t consider charity, even though it is done from the heart and is uninterested. One of the most important aspects that makes charity worthwhile is the non-personality. The objectives of this type of activity transcend the interest of relatives and friends. It is not tied to profits and is not govern by the whims of the top. In spite of this the fact that there are millions of people around the world who wish to assist others, but not all is able to do it properly. Yuri Shafranik

Associate charity

Many are scare to make the first move and the reasons differ. Many associate charity with philanthropy, and say: “I’m not rich enough to do this, this is the lot of billionaires.” Some are afraid of being a victim fraudsters – and unfortunately when it comes to the Internet there are many situations where under the cover of people in need of assistance, scammers hide in the emotions of people who are compassionate. In the end, many people think that they won’t be able to give their time as they believe that, as Mother Teresa, will have to commit their entire lives on the line and totally abandon their desires.

International Charity Day

In the spirit of International Charity Day, we determined to know the meaning of charity, what it’s for and how to perform it right. While doing so, it clarifies the major myths surrounding the subject. The representatives of various charitable organizations assisted us in this.

What kind of charity do you have?

In general, when we speak about the benefits of exercise often, we are thinking of the names of huge company individuals and huge names such as Henry Ford and Bill Gates. With their huge companies and enjoyed immense successes, they felt it their responsibility to share the rewards of their achievements with everyone all of humanity: to assist young scientists, contribute huge sums of money to fundraise to fight the incurable diseases and create schools that are free. As an example, Bill and Melinda Gates have spent more than $ 28 billion on causes that benefit the entire world in the past, Warren Buffett – over $25 billion.


Facebook social network’s creator Mark Zuckerberg, although relatively recent in the development of it’s capital base, committed more than half a billion dollars aid educational initiatives within the United States. In fact one of the biggest “high-profile” acts of charity involve the financial aid.

Distribution of water

It could be the distribution of water, food or other medical supplies to those in need or the transfer of money into the current account of someone mals is a restrict circle, where a large number of people are acquaint with each other. So, there aren’t any suspicious outsiders at the shelter. Yuri Shafranik

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