Working After Completing Your Studies In The UK

The practice of starting work right after completing your studies in the UK gives you many opportunities. It helps you to turn your knowledge into practice. So staying in the UK after completing a degree is a good practice.  Although everyone has a different journey, you can still follow the following routes to start your work in the UK. You can go for graduate jobs and start your own business. You can also go for an internship relevant to your field or become a self- employee.  This article will discuss the Graduate Route of getting job in the UK.

Graduate Route

The UK government allows students, who have completed their undergraduate degree, to get two years of working experience through the Graduate Route.  On the other hand, those who have completed their doctorate can get three years of working experience in the UK. Following things you should know about the international students working scheme;

  • Graduate Route facilities the international students who have completed their undergraduate or master degrees in the previous academic year.
  • To get the opportunity of the Graduate Route, you must have a valid student visa at the time of submission of PSW visa.
  • The students with a transcript of the passing academic year will be eligible to apply. From the list of the applicants, only the selected candidate can work in the UK. The Graduate Route is one of the best ways to polish your skill right after completing your degree.
  • In the UK, students who have completed their degrees after 1st July 2021 can apply for the Graduate Route Scheme.
  • For becoming part of the Graduate Route, you have to apply for a new visa. You can apply for your new visa during your stay in the UK.
  • Before applying for the new visa, make sure you have £700 (visa fee) in your pocket.
  • You must also have £624 (per year) for the UK healthcare immigrant application.
  • You will also need the Confirmation of Acceptance for the UK studies (CAS) if you want to start working after completing your degree. In order words, the students must have Tier 4 visas before applying to Graduate Route.
  • You can also apply for the UK Graduate Route if you are a part of the online degree program.
  • The students who have enrolled in an online one year degree program or less in the academic year 2020- 2021can apply for Graduate Route.
  • The students who have visited the UK for the academic year 2020-2021 are also eligible to apply for Graduate Route.
  • The online students for the passing year 2020-2021, with permission to study a course in the UK, can also apply. But, they must have to go to the UK before the end of the permission.

How to get a study work visa in the UK?

If you are completing your study as an international student in the UK and want to start working there after getting your degree, you must apply for a post-study-work visa. The post-study-work visa will help to get the professional experience of two years in the UK.

According to the new visa rules, you can do any job on a PSW visa if you have been a part of the UK education system from autumn 2020. PSW visa will allow you to work for 2 years after your graduation. After two years of your services, you have to apply for a general work visa. Among international universities, UK universities are famous for offering work while after completing your studies.

Options after Post work visa expires

According to a dissertation help firm, staying in the UK after completing your studies require a post study work (PSW) visa. The PSW visa is valid only for two years after graduation. If you have completed this two-year tenure, what should you do to extend your stay in the UK? This is a common question. In this case, you have to apply for a general work visa (GWV) or skilled work visa (SWV). The requirement for a general work visa includes;

  • You must have an income certificate showing £ 30,000 Salary (per year) on a PSW visa application form.
  • You must have details of working with a home office approved employer in the UK.
  • You must have a sponsor-ship certificate that should contain your working details or designation by the employer.
  • Your job detail must fulfil the criteria of the UK eligible occupation list.
  • Your salary range must be between £25,600 per year to £10.10 per hour.
  • To check the occupation code for eligible UK occupations, visit the table of eligible jobs.
  • You can also use your web search to locate your occupation code.

Effect of University reputation on PSW visa

Some people think that in getting a PSW visa, they have to suffer from University discrimination. But, this is not the case. If your University fulfil following criteria, then you can apply for the PSW visa;

  • Make sure whether your University is a British Government recognised University or not?
  • Make sure whether your University have a good ‘proven track record’ or not?
  • Explore the history of the passed out students to know about the post-work employment scheme of the University.

Sponsorship for working in the UK

If you are a student and completing your studies in the UK and planning to pursue your professional life after getting a degree, you may have few questions in mind. A common question is ‘Do I need a sponsor to get a PSW visa in the UK? ’

The answer is ‘like other visa criteria, PSW visas also need a sponsorship.’ The sponsor can be your friend, tutor, family, or employer. But, the most authentic sponsor will be your employer. The Graduate Route is a UK government strategy to achieve higher educational standards. The higher educational strategy aims to meet the target of 600,000 international students in the British Universities by 2030. I hope this article will help you a lot if you are seeking new ways to stay in the UK after completing your degree.

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