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Youtube to MP3 Converters Tricks & Tips

Today we are discussing the youtube to mp3 converters that are online available. Using this you can easily convert your youtube videos to mp3 files. Some sites where you go and put your link for conversion but they redirect you to another page and your video couldn’t download in mp3 form. So here we show you the simple method and tricks for downloading your youtube video to mp3 format. Without wasting your time we show you some tools and sites that are basically video converters so let’s get started.

1. YTD Downloader

The first trick or method we discuss is YTD video downloader. This tool is easy to use and a number of people globally use it also in the fastest technology world this tool is updated from time to time using latest technologies. This tool interface is easy to use and user attractive. Using these tools you can convert your youtube videos in various formats like MP3, MP4, AVI, 3GP, MOV or etc.

How to convert and download videos to mp3 format using these tools?

  1. Open browser using your device
  2. Search query YTD Video Downloader in browser
  3. Click on this URL
  4. Install this software in your system
  5. Convert youtube video to mp3 music file

Features of  youtube to mp3 converter

Provide accurate results without any redirection but its paid tool

Just a few seconds download any youtube video or convert it into mp3 format

Download quality option is available

2. YTMP3 Website

This site is totally free of cost for converting youtube videos to mp3 music format in just a few seconds. Not to divert any different page while you click on convert.  

How to convert youtube videos to mp3 format using this YTMP3 site?

  1. Open browser in your device (mobile, laptop, pc)
  2. Open youtube site
  3. Search your video that you want to convert & copy that video link
  4. Open a new tab in browser & Search for queries like YTMP3 
  5. Click on URL
  6. Paste video link
  7. Press the button convert to convert video
  8. Video in mp3 format in just a few seconds

Features of  youtube to mp3 converter:

One-click conversion youtube video to mp3 format

Take just a few seconds to convert

Simple navigation & user attracted interface

Play mp3 convert music file while you have free

3. 320 YTMP3 Site

If you want to convert youtube videos to mp3 format in different sound quality then this site may help you. Also, this site provides awesome features like youtube video download and audio format m4a or webm. Not all sites provide this type of feature. 

How to convert and download video to mp3 format using 320 ytmp3 site?

  1. In browser open youtube site
  2. Search video for mp3 conversion
  3. Copy video link
  4. In browser search a query YTMP3
  5. Click on URL
  6. Paste video link
  7. Select format you want to download

Features of  youtube to mp3 converter:

Some extra features like video downloader, audio format downloader, mp3 converter

Simple interface

Single click video converter

Take less then one minute to youtube video to mp3 file conversion


All the methods and tricks are perfectly working for youtube to mp3 conversion. Time-saving method and provide accurate results in just a few seconds. If you want a simple way to convert video to mp3 files using a converter then read the above blog post. 

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